Golden visa

Golden visa in Spain.

What is a golden visa?

It is a special residency visa for non-EU investors to be able to come to live in Spain.

Entrance  into Spain and residency permits have been facilitated by recent laws in the interests of enterprise promotion, to facilitate talent entrance and in order to get pure investment.

The main categories covered by the Spanish Golden visa legislation are:

1. Securing residence in Spain via pure investment

2. Securing residence in Spain as an entrepreneur creating a business

3. Securing residence in Spain as a high skilled professional

The easiest way of obtaining residence in Spain with a golden visa is clearly a pure investment visa, but at Iglesias & Associates, we can assist you in any application category you choose.


Residency permit obtained through a golden visa allows the investor to live in Spain for up to 2 years, being that period renewable as long as the investor continues to meet the requirements at the time of renewal.

1. General requirements that investor must fulfil.

a. Investor will be a non-EU national.

b. Investor must be over 18 years of age.

c. Investor must not have any criminal record either in Spain or in his country of residence for the previous five years.

d. Investor must be covered by a medical insurance either private or public.

e. Investor should prove financially capable to support himself and his family for the period of the residency permit to be issued

f.  Pay the administrative application fee

2. Investor may choose to do his investment in any if the three following ways

i. Buying real estate located within Spanish territory for a minimum of €500,000.

It doesn’t have to be one only property.

The total amount can be obtained by the addition of the purchase of several properties

ii. Making a €1 million deposit in a Spanish bank account. Logically this amount of money has to remain in the bank for the duration of the residence permit.

iii. Make an investment of €2 million in Spanish Treasury bonds.

An important detail to be considered is that the investment can be done either by an individual or a company as long as

a.  the company is not based in a tax haven

b.  the applicant holds control of the company