How to avoid Inheritance Tax in Spain

! The inheritance tax can go to nearly 81% of the assets ¡


Inheritance Tax differs between regional communities in Spain, as each of them has the capability of stablishing specific deductions for their residents. Inheritance Tax (IT) is calculated taking into account several variables:


1. Value of assets, obviously is going to stablish the base to be taxed

2. Family relationship with inheritors

3. Pre-existing wealth of inheritors


In order to minimise the effect of the IT, we could propose you:


a. Purchase property with future inheritors

b. Stablish a mortgage liability on the property

c. Hold property through an Spanish Limited company


Though there are other ways to minimise the cost of IT, these are the most normal.  If you would like a complete explanation of any of the points, please let us know and we will email you as soon as possible